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  • Empowering over 1,000 companies :

    What we provide …

    A simple and innovative multichannel broadcast platform, available 24/7


    Manage your contacts

    Easily Upload and manage your recipients files on our fast platform.



    Target every recipient by integrating customers’ personal data in every message.


    Marketing automation

    Automate your Relationship Marketing Management with our powerful API.


    Reporting tools

    Optimize your ROI figures with our real-time and detailed broadcast statistics.

    ...For your needs !

    Increase ROI and reach Marketing goals Faster !


    Customer loyalty

    Create a sustainable relationship with your customers by realizing personalized, targeted and added-value campaigns : personal invitations, clients birthdays, private sales …


    Winning customers

    Get new clients and increase online and in-store sales : clearance sales, products launches, Open houses …


    Efficient Communication

    Increase visibility and Manage brand notoriety : satisfaction client surveys, events promotion, notifications, alerts …

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