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  • We have solutions for every business industry ! What’s yours ?


    Send invitations, promotions, express sales announcement …
    Your customers daily receive all kinds of advertisements and need to share a customized relationship with their favorite brands and stores !
    Our messaging solutions help you grow customer loyalty and increase in-store traffic !

    Bank / Finance

    Send E-statements, loan agreements, stock tips …
    Our messaging solutions help you dematerialize and secure your customer relationship !


    Send Alerts, invoice recoveries, appointment confirmations, IASP…
    Our messaging solutions help you dematerialize and simplify your members !

    Software editors

    Enrich your software services and grow business activity by adding our automated communication solutions to your own products !

    Marketing and communication agencies

    Invitations, special offers, event announcement, product promotion …
    Our messaging solutions help you manage all your clients communication campaigns and grow your business margins!

    Tourism / Entertainment

    Send last minute offers, booking confirmations, newsletters …
    Whether you are a Tour operator, a travel agency, a flight company, or hold a hotel resort, Our messaging solutions help you reach your customers wherever they are, at effective cost !

    Press / Media supports

    Send Subscription Offers, invitations, press releases …
    Our messaging solutions help you animate your distributors’ network, increase your subscribers number and grow customer loyalty.

    Administrations and communities

    Send alerts, event announcements, civil status updates …
    Our messaging solutions help you communicate quickly to the people of your city.

    Transportation and Logistics

    Send Delivery confirmations, mission orders, purchase orders …
    We know your data are precious and that you need to easily share information with your clients, team and partners ! Our messaging solutions help you automate your notification workflows by integrating our powerful API to your own data system.

    Mail order companies

    Send delivery confirmations, shipping notifications, satisfaction surveys …
    Our messaging solutions help you communicate at effective-cost and offer proximity services to your customers!

    Event management companies

    Send invitations, acknowledgments …
    The success and visibility of your event depend on a targeted communication to your visitors and exhibitors. Enhance the success of your events using our innovative and cost-efficient messaging solutions.

    Education / professional Training

    Invitations, event reminders, training programs promotion, exam results announcement …
    If you sale professional training programs, our messaging solutions help you stay connected to your students and increase your organization notoriety.

    Employment / recruiting

    Appointment reminders, job interviews advising, mission orders …
    Our messaging solutions help you promote the success of your candidates in their job seeking and optimize the relationship with the recruiters by automating your communication flow!

    Political parties and unions

    Calls for vote, acknowledgments, mobilization …
    Our messaging solutions help you federate your members with a modern communication strategy digital-oriented !