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  • Voice Marketing campaigns solution

    The Best Voice broadcasting service that helps your create, send and optimize your Voice Marketing Campaigns

    Upload your phone numbers

    Create and personalize your message

    Get your campaign results

    Use voice marketing messages to send important updates, alerts, reminders, invitations, promotions, acknowledgments … and notifications to customers, employees, voters and more !

    Voice Marketing consists in sending a pre-recorded vocal message to home/mobile phones. Powerful and flexible, the voice message is an ideal marketing tool for every corporation to communicate efficiently and quickly. Well used, voice marketing can boost sales activity and revive difficut commercial periods.

    Whatever your communication need is







    What if you could reach your clients voicemail directly, whitout ringing their phone ?

    Voice broadcasting benefits


    Stand out

    Add a personal touch to your communications and stand out from your competitors by using an original way to communicate to clients and lead contacts ! Use brand identity (muse voice, coporate song…) to deliver every important message.


    Increase client proximity

    Every one has a phone ! French consumers spend 2h30 a day in average, using their mobile phone. Take advantage of Vocal marketing power to optimize your customer relationship.


    cost-efficient media

    Voice Marketing message is cheaper than postal mail and outgoing calls. Save time on your operational costs and communicate to thousands of people within seconds !

    Get your voice campaigns automated !

    With Netmessage powerful API, get all your notification flows automatically dispatched using vocal messages and simplify your cross-channel customer engagement : shipping notifications, order confirmations, appointment reminders, etc.

    Get voice message automation


    Simple and powerful features !



    Our powerful Text-to-Speech (TTS) generator enables you to aim at every recipient using individual CRM data !


    Create message scripts

    Generate voice messages from your own computer or recording studio. With Netmessage, is easy to add call-to-action buttons : call transfer, digit activation, voicemail detector …


    Unsubscribe server

    Lead your audience to an Interactive Voice Server (IVR) that will help them unsubscribe from your communication campaigns.

    Customized Caller ID

    Increase the impact of your voice campaign and enable your audience to easily identify you by personalizing the caller ID number.

    Answer machine detection

    Communicate whithout disturbing your audience by directly dropping a voice message on their voicemail, without ringing their mobile phone : its simple, fast and efficient !Learn more.

    Campaign schedule

    Choose whether to send your voice campaign immediately or at a later date and Re-schedule failed voice calls in one click !