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  • 1 min video = 1,8 million words

    Rethink your customer relationship, combining video and personalization !

    Our One-to-one video solution transforms each of your marketing and transactional communication into a captivating and funny animated video ! Every video integrates data issued from your CRM and call-to-action buttons. Each very one of your clients receives by Email ou SMS, a tailored video that he /she can visualize on his / her computer, smartphone or mobile pad.

    Personalized Marketing video : Instant beneficits !


    Grow customers loyalty

    Sign up for a original and automated way to manage and optimize all the stages of the customer experience.


    Engage customers

    Boost customers’ commitment into your brand with a full-dedicated and personalized content.


    Pursue innovation

    Marketing Video is the future of corporations’ communication. Provide your customers with an interactive, innovative and personalized content.


    Increase ROI

    Generate extra sales throught notification flows. Why not suggesting upgraded solutions to your customers ?


    Save on costs

    Realize considerable savings on operational costs by dematerializing your communications.

    Communicate efficiently

    Watching a video increases by 74% its understanding. Get each video recipient to experience a unique moment of personalized attention, satisfying his / her need of information and entertainment.

    A one-to-one communication adapted to all industries and dedicated to performance !

    Use the One-to-one personalized video solution to send all your automated and marketing communications :

    New customers’ Welcome program – Electronic account statements – Invoice explanation – Registration confirmation to a service – Appointment confirmation – Up-selling operation – cross-selling operation, Delivery confirmation …and more !

    Track every customer move by integrating call to action buttons : call back service, redirection to customer online account …


    Video Gallery

    Invoice explanation
    Take a video tour
    Delivery notification
    Take a video tour
    Service presentation
    Take a video tour

    Generate automatically millions of personalized videos !

    6 steps to create a video campagin

    What’s your goal ?

    In this first step, we help you define what the video campaign goal is : customer loyalty, income per customer increase, supply chain improvement, etc.

    Message and creativity

    Our experts lead you to select the best sales keywords and to think of the best video scenario possible.

    Together, we work on :

      the writting

      the voice off

      the iconography, the graphical charter (colors, shapes…)

      the speaking tone (humoristic, corporate, … ).

    Video editing

    Let our experts in video editing and video animation, create outstanding and easy-visualizing videos : transition effects, production, post-production …

    On demand production

    Thousands of videos are automatically generated. Every video is unique and personalized with data issued from your CRM.

    Video hosting

    The video is available through a unique link, hosted on our servers so your bandwidth is conserved.

    Video automation

    Use our powerful API to send automated communication flows from your own CRM database or CRM environment.