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  • Enriched SMS campaign solution

    Combine the power of SMS with the unlimited possibilities of Internet !

    Create your SMS

    Create and personalize your mobile landing page

    Get your campaign results

    Make the difference and impress your audience with images, links and geolocation option in your SMS campaigns. Our Responsive SMS solution can make your offers look more attractive ! It’s as easy as it sounds : create in less than 10 minutes, a small mobile landing page reachable from the link in your SMS !

    Responsive SMS benefits


    Personalized and rich content

    Your audience want to know more about your SMS offers ? Give them the answers they need through an interactive and beautiful mobile landing page.


    SMS as a reporting tool

    By tracking the link in your SMS, identify your audience behaviour and know : who clicked, who uses a smartphone, etc.


    Traffic generator

    Our Responsive SMS module is an excellent way to call your recipients to action : stores phone number display, stores locations, links …

    Innovative features


    A real time editor

    Get a real time visualization of your work while creating your mobile landing page. Our smart WYGIWYS editor (What You Get Is What You See), displays instantly every added element.


    Pictures Manager

    Upload your logo, photos and images, to create a graphic and attractive landing page.



    Upload your stores addresses and Ease customers’ mobility by indicating them the nearest store from their location.


    Graphical charter

    Use our color palette to personalize your mobile landing page, according to your corporate design features.