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  • Check out our digital communication solutions

    SMS campaign solution

    Clearance sales, Clients Birthdays, Private Sales, Colising, Alerts …
    Grow customer loyalty and communicate quickly to your customers or adherents mobile phones by sending SMS

    Enriched SMS campaign solution

    Reduction codes, Personal Invitations, mobile Look books …
    Surprise your clients and make them dream using images within your SMS Campaigns ! Get them to an interactive mobile web page, enriched with images and links !

    Email Campaign solution

    Opinion surveys, quizzes and games, newsletters…
    Manage all your e-mail campaigns with simplicity and enjoy our deliverability expertise !

    Voice Marketing campaigns solution

    Appointment confirmations, Invitations, Invoice recoveries …
    Humanize your communications and spread efficiently your important informations with our Voice Marketing solution !

    Ringless voicemail drop solution

    Appointment reminders, Event announcements, Invoice recoveries…
    Communicate without disturbing your clients, by directly dropping a message on their voicemail, without ringing their phone !

    Personalized videos solution

    Simplified invoices, Animated offers, funny Shipping Notifications …
    Rethink your Relationship Marketing Management and increase ROI by sending interactive and personalized animated videos to every customer !

    Fax communications solution

    Purchase Orders, Quotes, Press Releases …
    Simplify your commercial, administrative and financial communication flows with our fax solution !

    Automated notifications

    Clients birthdays, Trade Confirmations, Alerts, Account Statements …
    Automate all your Marketing actions and trade flows within your own business environnment using our powerful API !