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  • Fax communications solution

    The Best Fax broadcasting service that helps your create, send and optimize your Fax Marketing Campaigns !

    Upload your list of fax numbers

    Create and personalize your message

    Get your campaign results

    The easiest way to manage all your fax communications :

    Promotions, Invitations, Product launch, Press releases…

    Because 99% or French companies use fax machines, Fax communication is the ideal way to quickly relay all your commercial, administrative and financial documents. Send fax marketing campaigns to grow customer loyalty and transform leads contacts into customers.

    Get your Fax communications automated !

    With Netmessage powerful API, get all your fax notification flows automatically dispatched : shipping notifications, order confirmations, etc.

    Get Fax automation


    Simple and powerful features !


    Fax personalization

    Customize your document with personal client data issued from your data base.


    Document Manager

    Upload and Manage easily all your fax documents on our messaging platform !


    Unsubscribe Manager

    We take all the unsubscribe requests in charge (Ecofax services).