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  • Email Campaign solution

    Get better email campaigns performance to grow your business !

    Upload your email addresses list

    Create and personalize your message

    Get your campaign results

    Maximize the performance of all your email campaigns :

    newsletters, exceptional sales, quizzes and games …

    Email marketing is efficient because it reaches your audience wherever they go ! 95% of consumers check their emails every day and 60% have made a purchase directy from an email. Netmessage makes it easy to maximize your email campaign performance ! Reach your audience inbox, increase openings and grow cutomer loyalty with our delivrability expertise.

    Email Rendering : Get the best possible HTML display !

    Netmessage helps you improve email campaigns before you even launch them ! Get previews of how your message will render across top email clients (Outlook, Thunderbird, Lotus…) webmails (Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail…), and mobile devices (iPhone, Android devices, Blackberry…).



    Get your email campaigns automated !

    With Netmessage powerful API, it’s simple to automate and simplify your communication with clients, leads and subscribers : shipping notifications, order confirmations, appointment reminders, etc.

    Get Email automation

    Simple and powerful features !


    HTML editor

    Use or intuitive HTML editor to create or upload HTML templates.


    Forms Manager

    Upload and create from A to Z, all your email contact forms. Netmessage hosts them for you.


    Dedicated IP roads

    Maximize the delivrability of your email campaigns by using our powerful and secured, semi-dedicated or fully-dedicated IP roads.

    Newsletter templates archives

    Save time and increase productivity : create, stock up, use and use again your own Email templates.

    Free spam test

    Get a spam score to optimize your HTML code content and release your email from being considered as a spam.


    Use our list inner-filter to aim the audience that will receive your message using age, location, gender or client behavior data.