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  • What we’re about !


    Messages sent in 2014 through our innovative and powerful digital solutions.


    Users of our Saas and Automated Services


    Companies chose to trust us, and i’ts been going like that since 2006.

    We own 100% of our systems. They are completely based in France for the total control and security of your data.

    Our experience makes the difference !

    Know how our little start-up company became an expert.

    A word from the CEO …


    « I’m proud to say that every day Netmessage helps companies of all sizes and industries to reach new audiences, grow customer loyalty, increase ROI and automate their marketing.

    After years at the Headboard of Premiere Global Services (Xpedite), I decided it was time for me to add my own contribution to the digital solutions market and push innovation and creativity further. With my experience and passion for digital technologies, I surrounded myself with a trustful team of ICT experts and created Netmessage in 2006!

    We have grown quickly through the passed years and signed strong partnerships with software publishers. Nowadays, our vision is clearly data-oriented ! We dedicate our work to find the most complete, powerful and innovative solutions so we can empower our customers to maximize their marketing initiatives.”


    Matthew FITOUSSI, CEO Netmessage

    The values that motivate us!

    Our goal

    Provide our customers with the most powerful and complete technical system possible. Every customer enjoy tailored services, built, supplied and enriched regarding its needs.

    Our daily mission

    Support our customers in their communication strategy and help us integrating our multichannel solutions to their own CRM tools, business software and web applications.

    Why choose us ?

    Reliability, innovation and reactivity

      We provide On-demand services and own 100% of our systems ! Our platform is modern, secured, and innovative. Absolutely CRM-oriented, our solutions enable you to track and observe your audience behavior with accurate broadcasting statistics.

      All of our teams are at your service, located in Paris and experts in their field.

      Our customer service team is reliable and can take in charge your communication campaigns from A to Z if needed.

      We pratice competitive pricing : as a small-sized company, we control the whole production process.